BOOM! This is why I like McCullough and have accepted him as the anti-COVID vaccine lockdown oracle and whisperer! He is fearless, has authority, brilliant & I have said this re Jay, my brother, but

by Paul Alexander

Bhattacharya was WRONG & as McCullough says, he disagrees & so do I. Bhattacharya is wrong on this, for as I wrote, not one single RCT study, NONE, has shown death & hospital benefit! even for kids!

Word to Malone, sit back and take stock of how Jay reponds, he won’t sue McCullough or I, we are doctors and scientists with disagreement, this is how we learn and debate. This is how science evolves. Word to Malone, see if you can stop feeding the horses and read this and try to learn something about scientific decency. What you have done to Jane Ruby and Breggin et al. is outrageous and I have zero respect for you Malone on this. None.

McCullough here:


‘Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, called the revelation “stunning.” He pointed out that despite this knowledge, “they continued to push vax mandates anyway.”

This is the real scandal, as there is little harm in getting something like this wrong in a vacuum. After all, COVID-19 vaccines certainly saved many, many lives and reduced the severity of infection for many more. But the fact vaccine mandates were pushed, even though those in charge knew people could contract and spread the virus while vaccinated, is indefensible. That they mislead the public on this makes it even worse.”

I disagree with Bhattacharya, not a single, prospective randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial demonstrated a reduction in hospitalization or death as a primary or secondary endpoint. His claim is based on invalid non-randomized studies published by biased investigators desperate to show the vaccine was “working.”

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