BOOM! USA Today wrote a nice piece on The Wellness Company (TWC): "The Wellness Company: How the Pandemic Sparked Rapid Growth in Healthcare Across the USA"; refreshing! Well done Stojan!

by Paul Alexander

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Now to the USA Today article:

The Wellness Company: How the Pandemic Sparked Rapid Growth in Healthcare Across the USA

‘In the crucible of the global health crisis, a spark of resistance against established norms was ignited, culminating in the rapid growth of a unique healthcare entity: The Wellness Company (TWC). It stood and continues to stand unapologetically, advocating for medical freedom and affordable healthcare. The visionaries guiding this revolution include Foster Coulson, the entrepreneurial force behind TWC, alongside reputed medical professionals such as Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch. Their collective mission is to put the patient back into the heart of healthcare.  

In the face of a failing medical system laid bare by the pandemic, these pioneers chose a different path. They rejected oppressive government health policies and questioned the prevalent disregard for natural healing methods, unafraid of swimming against the tide. Their commitment birthed TWC, where practitioners are united by a common goal: the reinstatement of patients at the center of the medical sphere.  


Reflecting on TWC’s inception, Foster Coulsen states, “These last few years have shown just how broken and poised for the disruption the current medical system is. The Wellness Company is re-imagining medicine by meeting at the corner of naturopathic and allopathic. We are bringing a new and better approach for our customers and patients.”  

Among the early adopters of this vision were those who had been ostracized from their professional circles. This includes acclaimed cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, and many others who faced professional repercussions for daring to speak their truth. Their powerful stories underscore the pressing need to radically reevaluate the status quo.  

Throughout the pandemic, voices of dissent emerged as medical professionals stood against mandates, questionable treatment protocols, and experimental vaccines. Often these courageous individuals faced unjust retribution, labeled as disseminators of “medical misinformation”. Such censorship reached TWC, which faced suppression on multiple media platforms. Nevertheless, their perseverance never faltered, firmly committed to advancing patient-centered healthcare.  

“We are not just a vending machine or Pez dispenser for Big Pharma like so many others. Our goal is to focus on building a sustainable company working to keep people healthy, not just profiting off sickness,” Coulson adds, underlining TWC’s distinct approach.  

Since its inception in September 2022, TWC has touched over 100,000 lives. With its holistic methodology, TWC incorporates traditional allopathic medicine with natural healing methods, lifestyle modification, and community involvement. They aim to create an all-encompassing healthcare ecosystem that provides preventative care and health maintenance rather than merely offering reactive treatment solutions. As a result, they saw an overwhelming sentiment of relief among patients who finally found healthcare practitioners that genuinely listened to their needs.  

The emboldened vision of TWC, the tireless drive of its team, and the undeterred loyalty of its patients paint a hopeful picture of the future of healthcare. Reflecting on this radical approach, Foster Coulson says, “We are bucking the trend of medical commodification. We aim to revolutionize healthcare, pivoting from a disease-centered model to a health-centered one.” This commitment to prioritizing wellness over illness is a breath of fresh air for many who have been disillusioned by an impersonal, profit-driven healthcare system.  

As TWC expands, its dream is to become a fully-fledged parallel system to mainstream healthcare, offering an accessible, affordable, and patient-centered alternative. In a world struggling to recover from the tumultuous impact of a global pandemic, TWC’s mission resonates more than ever. With every passing year, they are inching closer to turning their vision of a more empathetic and effective healthcare system into a reality. 

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or a patient-provider relationship.’ 

Foster Coulson, CEO: