Boris Johnson is OUT!!!! Did I not tell you that 2 days ago; Trudeau is next, Doug Ford is next, we the people must get the MPs & MPPs to vote internally; & get them out, what Trudeau did lockdowns

by Paul Alexander

What these leaders did was monstrous, we removed Kenny Alberta, these people harmed & killed populations with their fraud COVID pandemic & the fraud vaccine mandates

What you are watching here is the people saying enough!!! and they want these fraud people held accountable and they saying NO, none of these fraud dangerous COVID injections forced into our bodies! But I say not enough to resign, no matter who you are, if you approved policies that killed people, you have to go to jail! If it is proven properly in proper courts, we jail you! No matter how long it takes.

Johnson got drunk with lockdown lunacy power, recall what he was doing, do not forget, the people were not even a concern. He harmed them. He was the boss.

We had doctors and still have them in fear to practice medicine due to technocrats and bureaucrats and people like Johnson and Trudeau and Doug Ford and US governors etc. who punished them. Took their income and destroyed their careers. Damaged our nurses and their careers. Government officials who had no role in legislating medicine. No clue. Like the insane College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario who punished doctors who worked to save lives with early COVID drug treatment and medical exemptions of the injection etc. We strip them of power and investigate that corrupt body and imprison those members if it is shown they costed lives.

I said before, it is the American mother who will fix this. Sadly, a few little kids will have to die on account of these COVID injections. And she will stand up. The world best take note of the American mother. Health officials should.

We must pressure the MPs and MPPs, we cannot wait for next elections, we get them out now via internal moves; we are good governance and we use that route; get to phuck out Boris, you and your COVID policies killed people and what we need to do is public inquiry of him and all of them and find out where each dollar$ in the COVID PPE has gone. Who, which MP, with MPP, which congressperson, which senator got money, their families, their buddies, for as sure as the sun shines, these people stole money…we need to find out who and jail them!

We start investigating Fauci, Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna, Francis Collins, Birx, Walensky…all of them…proper legal public inquiries, public, proper, no kangaroo but we examine each policy. We examine Tam in Canada, proper inquiries, any ties to WHO and which person got illicit money, any $, we examine all, Trump administration, Biden administration, Trudeau administration, Boris…all…. COVID was a money train, a corrupted fraud and we need accountability, for our good police and military and good people forced mandated these fraud injections and now many are COVID vaccine injured and do not know it; yet; we predict harms and deaths coming massively on them. I pray daily for my police and military.

What Trudeau did to the truckers in January in Canada was monstrous. He brutalized them and beat protestors and truckers. The Supreme Court of Canada said it was. The RCMP alluded to this too. We need this addressed with proper inquiry.

Every single COVID policy must be examined and any official who caused the death of people must be financially penalized and many must be jailed for what they did!