Boschi et al.: "Another win for Ivermectin (IVM); see prior substack below & now world famous cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has come out with BOMBS & I say, HANG them all high who denied IVM's use

by Paul Alexander

McCullough cites the French MEPHI study & eviscerates the malfeasants who conspired against ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine as potential drugs to save lives! see his substack too! RISCH!

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Another win for early treatment Ivermectin (IVM), it blocks hemagglutination: "SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Hemagglutination: Implications for COVID-19 Morbidities and Therapeutics and for
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Key statement:

‘Inhibition of spike protein-induced HA was tested using the macrocyclic lactone ivermectin (IVM), which is indicated to bind strongly to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein glycan sites. The results of these experiments were, first, that spike protein from these four lineages of SARS-CoV-2 induced HA. Omicron induced HA at a significantly lower threshold concentration of spike protein than the three prior lineages and was much more electropositive on its central spike protein region. IVM blocked HA when added to RBCs prior to spike protein and reversed HA when added afterward.’

Credit Kory, Ladapo, Oskoui, Risch, McCullough, Zelenko, Marik, Fareed, Tyson; these people and more have fought against the medical tyranny.

I have said and I will say again, investigate hospitals, CEOs, medical doctors, no matter if thousands, investigate and if shown they caused deaths, strip all their money and then imprison them. If a proper court and tribunal with juries and judges say it rises to capital punishment and they say death penalty for lives lost, take, then we hang them, hang them all!

Dr. McCullough and John Leake (excellent writer and crime investigator) are too kind using the word ‘shame on them’…

Shame? Come on Dr. McCullough and Mr. Leake, you then need to go back on Stew Peters etc. and get the riot act read to you on how you deal with this. This needs to be matched with similar actions, sometimes irrationality must be met with irrationality. “SHAME on the hospital administrators and their thuggish attorneys who denied the countless dying wishes. SHAME on the federal health officials who propagated the LIE that Ivermectin was merely a “horse de-wormer.” SHAME on the useful idiot media pundits such as CNN broadcasters and Late-Night Comedy hosts who flooded the zone with this foul lie.”

This paragraph is too tame!

No, we need serious accountability and justice. We need people imprisoned the rest of their lives (and or hung if judges call for this) for the lies and fraud from the virus to the lockdowns to the denial of early treatment with drugs like IVM to the fraud gene mRNA/DNA injections that kill. For all the lies, we need justice. Nothing short!

Huge praise Dr. McCullough for being the point on this day one three years ago and building this movement, leading, mentoring, huge praise for being the John Galt of our time, maybe sharing it with Scott Atlas a d Zev Zelenko! A John Galt is not only to raise the issue and push it, he or she needs others to join in and to push too. This is where we lack. We need other John Galts and not usurpers and thieves and fake people and money whores and pimpers like the ‘streamers’, pimping pain and suffering only to enrich themselves. We need real soldiers. No more key board navel gazing warriors.

Hue praise to Mr. John Leake, your writing is beautiful, the way you write, content and style.

We await for warriors to join us odd 12-15, until then, find me on the front lines with Oskoui, Tenenbaum, Risch, McCullough, Sass, Wolf, Hodkinson, Tucker, Senger et al.

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