Bourla, CEO of Pfizer now wants you to get a 4th shot; this is a criminal IMO, he called me and McCullough & Malone & Risch & Kennedy & Vanden Bossche & Berenson criminals recently; we 'questioned'

by Paul Alexander

So we 'questioned' so we are 'criminals', but this criminal omits 1) OMI is off-ramp, COVID is over 2) that if he vaccinates more, we will drive infectious variants and a lethal one 3) damage innate

So he is saying his vaccine fails, the protection does not last very long as he says. If the 3rd shot fails, and we know it fails, so we then give a 4th…so we boost you with a 4th and more boosts for the rest of your life…this is a criminal. When OMI is so mild and non-sequential. He knows the vaccine has failed and is not properly safe yet he and his investors and the FDA does not care. The recent trial in children 5-11 has failed, and he knows it. Their data to FDA initially to get EUA was fraudulent and a lie and the FDA knows it. This is about greed, money. These criminals.

These vaccine developers know that if you vaccinate with a non-sterilizing vaccine as this vaccine is, that does not stop infection, viral replication, or transmission, that you will drive variants and a potential lethal one. They know this and they know if we continue vaccinating with these vaccines (and resulting mRNA vaccine induced Abs), we will never stop the pandemic as variant after variant will emerge. They know the role of natural selection in selecting forward the ‘fittest’ variant. This is criminal. The existing variants that can overcome the sub-optimal mounting immune pressure will be ‘selected’ forward due to their competitive evolutionary advantage and they will become enriched in the environment. We have underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adapt/evolve to the ongoing infectious pressure and mounting immune pressure directed on the infectiousness of the virus (aka, the spike protein).

The Scottish and UK data shows that the vaccinated gets more infected than the unvaccinated and severely ill and dying. This is the data. Moreover, the vaccine quickly loses efficacy/effectiveness. It does not work and quickly, and it was never designed to reduce death or hospitalization. Just symptoms. Now we have a variant with no symptoms or mild symptoms. So why the need?

Important is this as per GVB. An OMI-specific vaccine as he says above will disturb the current resistance of the OMI variant spike to the vaccinal Abs and this can have catastrophic consequences for humanity. He is insane if he does this and the FDA allows. The innate immunity antibodies (Abs) have been set free and released once again to regain their functional capacity to sterilize the virus (neutralize) as they are now NOT outcompeted by the vaccinal Abs that are being resisted by the OMI variant.

So here is the UK data, what else does this untermensche need to see?

Week 10, UK COVID data, Cases reported by specimen date between week 6 2022 (w/e 13 February 2022) and week 9 2022 (w/e 6 March 2022)

By vaccine status, we see the more shots, the greater the absolute cases

Hospital/ER, we see that the 2nd and 3rd shot is a problem with greater ER visits and this is very problematic for the 3rd booster, and particularly as age increases.

In terms of death, we see similar to the ER visits, that the more one is vaccinated and older ages e.g. > 50, that the risk of death escalates and dramatically e.g. in ages 18 and above, 90% of death occurs in those in receipt of vaccine compared to the unvaccinated. Similar is see for hospitalization/ER.

Now the week 10 compared to week 9 data:

Week 9

Week 10: