Bourla: Pfizer CEO admits he is 'not certain' their COVID-19 shot will prevent vaccinated people from spreading the virus; “I think this is something that needs to be examined. We are not certain"

by Paul Alexander

It slipped by you, this key statement in 2020 by Bourla of Pfizer: when asked by NBC host if he will be able to transmit infection to other people if he is immunized, he said “it needs to be examined"

‘Pfizer Inc’s CEO Albert Bourla has said that the company is “not certain” if its COVID-19 vaccine can prevent coronavirus transmission after vaccination.’

'I think that's something that needs to be examined. We're not certain about that right now,' said Albert Bourla, when asked by Dateline's Lester Holt about whether the shot would prevent transmission during the interview, which aired Thursday night.