BQ.1 subvariant clade now 44% (CDC chart) while BA.5 slips to 29%; how about that new bivalent booster? now we know why Rochelle got re-infected after 5th booster; bivalent with Wuhan + BA.5 is DEAD!

by Paul Alexander

Worthless is the new bivalent jab, so what is next? a new booster for BQ.1 clade? some are now calling for an IV Drip bag of booster, I am not kidding, they know they are trapped on booster treadmill

Here is the key point, if the BA.5 is being supplanted now by BQ.1, then already the bivalent booster will not work (go ask Rochelle etc.) and it is showing it is not working. In one to two months when near fully replaced as dominant, what happens then? You continue mandating and forcing and coercing a bivalent booster that is likely then NEGATIVE EFFICACY? That does not work? This is pure MADNESS!


These idiots like Walensky and Fauci and Bourla and Francis Collins must know that it is the sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies (immature, undeveloped to their maximal affinity binding capacity in the midst of infectious pressure) that is driving the emerging variants? They know this, right? Or do they? That variants will never stop as long as they keep pushing this failed injection that is placing sub-optimal immune pressure on the spike epitopes, yet not eliminating the virus or functioning to stop infection or replication. They have to know this. God help us for it is clear they have absolutely no clue what the hell they are doing.

Basic biology GRADE 11 as well as basic immunology and virology and vaccinology, will tell you that if you use a vaccine that is sub-optimal in that it induces sub-optimal ‘weak’ immune pressure, via across the board mass vaccination, across all age-groups, and during a pandemic with massive infectious pressure (circulating virus seeking to infect the population), with a vaccine that is inducing non-neutralizing, non-sterilizing vaccinal antibodies that are higher-affinity and specificity for the target antigen epitopes (can thus outcompete other lower affinity antibodies for the target antigen), as such can bind to the virus yet not eliminate it, then this will drive new variants to emerge.

The result is and will be that the sub-optimal mass population rising vaccinal antibody immunity (immune pressure) that is not yet at its proper, fully matured and developed maximal affinity binding capacity for the antigen and that would sterilize the virus (stop infection, replication, and transmission), will place Darwinian natural selection pressure on the target antigen and drive ‘fitter’ more stronger mutants/variants to be selected which will be enriched in the environment and become dominant. Those variant (s) will then become the new dominant variant as we saw with Delta and Omicron and its sub-variants. This pandemic or what you wish to call it, will go on for 100 more years if we continue using these failed fraud mRNA vaccines that CANNOT work. They have shown this.

In simple again, these COVID vaccines will never ever work and will never tame the pandemic. It is the very reason why you will keep being forced to take more boosters, so that they can keep this fraud ongoing. Money, power, greed, malfeasance, ineptness etc. all balled up into one! As you see, no one globally wants any more boosters, they are done with it! Done! Governments are full of stock and will now have to pour it into the sea. No one will take it. People have experienced the side effects and even death. They have many in families and friends and co-workers who died due to this fraud shot. No more!