BREAKING! Dr. Robert Malone deserves praise for this video & I agree with Malone about the benefits of fibrinolytic (blood thinning) NATTOKINASE & The Wellness Company (TWC) makes a product with NATO

by Paul Alexander

The science is maturing & developing yet people are crying out for help now post COVID mRNA technology gene injection & the TWC Spike Recovery NATO product may offer some help

Dr. Malone is correct as to the benefits of NATTOKINASE and I agree fully. Thank you Dr. Malone for I and Dr. McCullough have been singing the praises of NATTOKINASE. It appears very promising as we wait for the definitive science etc.

Hat tip is in order for Dr. Malone in recognizing NATTOKINASE’s benefits, nice job:

NATTOKINASE may be beneficial in detoxifying your body of the spike protein from the mRNA technology gene injection.

The TWC Spike Recovery Product (with NATTOKINASE) is one that persons may consider and in consult with their doctors. See video with TWC Spike Support:


Link to product that appears in the video picture shot above and see following link for further information if needed:



See video:

‘EPOCH Times

We spoke with Dr.@RWMaloneMD about the danger that the spike protein presents within the human body, as well as some good strategies for detoxifying your body from the spike protein.’


Note: I make no cure or therapeutic claims and am not seeking to diagnose, treat, or cure or prevent any disease; importantly, persons must consult their clinicians before taking any drug or product and persons under 18 (though TWC is developing a similar product for young persons) must not take this, nor breast feeding women, or pregnant women, nor persons already on anti-coagulants (blood thinners). NATO is a natural type blood thinner so anyone on thinning must consider this.