BREAKING: Durham Report finds that FBI was biased against Trump, should never have opened Russian collusion investigation; duh, we could have told you that, it was all part of the toppling of Trump by

by Paul Alexander

deepstate, health agencies, using Fauci et al. and a fraud PCR manufactured was all a lie, all of it, 100% and if Trump gets a 2nd term, he must jail them all for life!

BREAKING: According to the Durham Report, the plan by Hillary Clinton to create a false story linking Donald Trump to Russia was briefed in August of 2016 by CIA Director John Brennan to President Obama, VP Biden, AG Loretta Lynch, and FBI Director Comey.

‘Special Counsel John Durham released the final version of his report to Congress Monday and condemned the FBI for opening up the investigation into Russian collusion with little evidence.

Durham was tasked with investigating the origins of the probe into allegations of collusion between the Trump 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government.


Durham said the FBI utilized “raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence" to open the investigation into the Trump campaign but did not follow the same standard when approaching alleged election interference in relation to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Durham also found that the FBI “did not and could not corroborate any of the substantive allegations” made in the infamous Steele Dossier of lurid accusations against then-candidate Donald Trump.

“As noted, it was not until mid-September that the Crossfire Hurricane investigators received several of the Steele Reports. Within days of their receipt, the unvetted and unverified Steele Reports were used to support probable cause in the FBI’s FISA applications targeting (Carter) Page, a U.S. citizen who, for a period of time, had been an advisor to Trump,” the report says, according to CNN.’