BREAKING: "FDA authorizes Covid omicron vaccines for children as young as 6 months old"; SO WHAT DO WE DO? The FDA knows healthy infants & children are at near zero risk of death from COVID; 8 mice?

by Paul Alexander

'Children as young as 6 months old can now receive the updated Covid vaccines that target the omicron variant'; what do we do? there is no RCT evidence or clinical data to support this FDA move, NONE!

Should we walk away or double down? Should we fight? I say we double down and fight. There is no medical justification for what FDA has done here and this is dangerous and reckless. There is no medical basis.

Tragically, the innate immune system of children (innate antibodies and NK cells) is being trained at this time as maternal antibodies wane and the high-affinity vaccinal antibodies will bind to the virus (outcompete the low-affinity innate antibodies for the target antigen). As such, this will prevent the innate antibodies from binding to the spike (binding epitopes). This stops the education and training of the innate immune system and the innate antibodies will not be able to bind (including strongly) and properly instruct the innate immune system on the handling of the virus (s) (virus confronted with at present and other glycosylated viruses) and in distinguishing ‘self from non-self. The results can be life-long tragedy for the vaccinated child.