BREAKING: Is this another death due to the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene injection? IMO, yes! "Óscar Cabrera Adames professional basketball player dies of cardiac...

by Paul Alexander

arrest at 28 years old"; Following his death, several social media posts written by Adames were found in which he said he developed myocarditis after receiving two coronavirus vaccine shots.

Am I allowed to ask about the mRNA technology? IMO same fate (myocarditis linked in some manner) for Jamie FOXX, Shane Warne, Damar Hamlin etc.

‘Cabrera continued, “But guess what? It was compulsory or I couldn’t work. I am an international professional athlete and I am playing in Spain. I have no health problem, nothing, not hereditary, no asthma, NOTHING! I suddenly collapsed to the ground in the middle of a match and almost died. I’m still recovering and I’ve had 11 different cardiology tests done and guess? They find nothing.”’