Breaking, Jamie Foxx: blinded & blood clots after COVID mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine; I told you in a prior substack, just like Damar & all, they are making it worse lying & deceiving

by Paul Alexander

the public; they must come clean, FOXX must tell the American people the truth, his doctors must, the mRNA vaccine did this, it has done this to thousands, killed thousands; HONESTY NEEDED NOW!

IMO, until we know 100% he had no vaccine, then vaccine is on the table as the cause, e.g. vaccine induced silent myocarditis etc., brain bleeds, strokes, hemorrhagic strokes, clotting etc. etc. as is Damar and all those athletes et al. who dropped dead etc. on the field and all those pilots who are incapacitated etc. and have died in cockpit etc.

You know the spike protein induced by the vaccine (mRNA translated) is an endothelial pathogen and ravages (tears at) the inner lining of the vasculature (arteries, veins, capillaries), hitting the endothelial and glycocalyxx layers, causing bleeding and cloting, VITT. The immune system e.g. killer lymphocytes, attacks the spike protein as it is a foreign protein and tears at surrounding cells and tissues as it sits on the cell surface.

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‘LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a sensational claim, a veteran journalist has alleged that Jamie Foxx is left partially paralyzed and blind. The 'Collateral' star, 55, developed a clot in the brain which led to the mysterious medical emergency after he was pressured to take a Covid vaccine. In an appearance on the 'Ask Dr Drew' podcast, veteran journalist A J Benza, a former New York Daily writer and the host of the E! series 'Mysteries and Scandals,' made the claim citing reliable sources. According to Benza, a source who was in Foxx's room and was involved in his care told him that the "blood clot in his brain caused him at that point to be partially paralyzed and blind," Radar Online reported.’


'Is that why he fired three or four people?'

‘Benza rubbished the claims in the podcast stating the family's statement was "all lies" and "baloney." “I am thinking, ‘Is that why he blew up on the set a week before this medical emergency happened?’ Benza questioned Dr Drew Pinsky on the podcast. “Is that why he fired three or four people because he had had it with these mandates?" he asked further. “If you read into what they were saying early on, ‘He is communicating with us.’ That doesn’t mean talking. That could be anything. Writing. Sign language. I know those little code words. Then you tell me your father is playing pickleball, give me a break. There is a great shroud of secrecy around Jamie Foxx.”’