BREAKING: "Judge: COVID asylum restrictions must continue on border"; BRILLIANT AND NEEDED, this is superb for Biden et al. are destined to over run the US and we have to safe guard our borders

by Paul Alexander

Michael Savage has always been right, its about borders, language, culture, and a nation with no border is not a nation; I praise this judge for have balls to rule this way; we have a chance!


Judge: COVID asylum restrictions must continue on border

I praise Trump for Title 42…if these beasts today like Fauci and Ashish Jha and Francis Collins and Albert Bourla with his fake fraud vaccine want to say we have an emergency, then there is one too at the border and so Title 42 must stand…if Biden had lifted it or not retained it, there would be thousands of illegals flooding across, the border agents cannot stop this…this is a planned invasion, plain and simple. This judge brought us time.

America is being destroyed from within by republican and democrat congresspeople and senators…we need to list them, call them out, and vote them out!