BREAKING: LATAM Captain (56 years) Dies during flight (Boeing 787) from Miami! Flight LA 505 from Miami to Santiago Chile diverted to Panama city, pilot collapsed & died in toilet! mRNA vaccine? ssshh

by Paul Alexander

Should we ask if the mRNA technology COVID gene based injection from Pfizer or Moderna caused 'silent' asymptomatic myocarditis & scarred his heart & cardiac arrest? Can we ask? Weissman? Kariko?

‘One of two Captain’s working on a LATAM Airlines flight from Miami to Santiago de Chile reportedly became incapacitated around three hours after takeoff on Monday and later died, according to local media reports.


LATAM flight 505 departed Miami International Airport at around 10:00 pm on Monday but was forced to make an emergency diversion to Tocumen Airport in Panama, where the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was met by medical personnel.

According to some reports, the Captain had stepped out of the flight deck to use the lavatory after feeling unwell but collapsed a short time later. Flight attendants rushed to the pilot’s aid and immediately started emergency life support, including CPR.’

‘Tragically, despite the best efforts of the aircrew, the pilot was pronounced dead on arrival in Panama, Aviation Herald reports.

There were three pilots, including two Captain’s were assigned to operate the flight, so there were always two pilots at the controls of the aircraft. The aircraft remains stranded in Panama, and passengers have complained that LATAM has not offered them any support.

LATAM Airlines told local media that the pilot had worked for the carrier for more than 25 year.’

This is another example of the mRNA technology gene injection killing an airline pilot, it has happened several times before since the roll-out of the vaccine.

Many incapacitations, cardiac arrests on take off, and on landing and deaths in flights as is this one.

The mRNA gene based vaccine has wreaked havoc and caused brain bleeds, aneurysms, blood clots, bleeds, myocarditis, pericarditis, paralysis etc. When will the airline industry mandate simple blood tests etc. to clear pilots of myocarditis or similar damage due to the vaccine, before entering the cockpit e.g. D-dimer, EKG, Troponin T test, chest MRI etc.

Will it take a commercial plane falling from the sky? Killing all 300 on board or maybe 2 planes?