Breaking! Malone silences critic! Dr. Peter Breggin & family battling hot COVID, under treatment by Dr. P McCullough, is sued for 25$ million by Malone; why? IMO, Breggin told Malone he's full of shit

by Paul Alexander

Many say Malone is a fraud, controlled opposition, hiding in the Freedom movement to not answer questions on his mRNA technology that kills; we want answers, I want answers; none so far but law suits

Full of shit is my words and view of this matter and basically Dr. Breggin is the expert. He as a scientist is sued by another one because he did not agree with them. Imagine where we are in medicine now, a doctor and scientist will sue each other for disagreement.

Full disclosure, Malone tried to hire me as part of some outfit he is linked to called DMED out of Puerto Rico with crypto people as you know, and as others, sought to pimp off the anti-lockdown and COVID vax movement. Pimpers and grifters and grafters. Crypto people as COVID people. Imagine that. Put a pin in that for a moment but truthfully, look around, you have reporters who get interviewed today and became famous as COVID experts. You have camera people as COVID experts. Real estate people. COVID experts. It has become a joke, for all they do is grift and enrich themselves. We even have donors flexing and forcing decisions on their ‘likes and dislikes’. Imagine that. Silencing doctors and scientists they don’t like who question Malone. You did not know this? Put a pin in that too.

Make no mistake, while the Freedom movement has been under attack from within, it is strong. Stronger now. For we know the enemies.


Full disclosure, Malone and his group were angry with me for walking away and not joining up with them. They tried and I confess, the sales pitch sounded so good at times. I was even threatened with law suits, others were too. I was. But I could not be linked in any way to that madness. That filth. It was troubling and confusing. I needed to be open, I did not join Malone and he wanted me to, because of the reports in Miami when they, Malone et al. took us there, of pedophilia linked to a company called DMED and the like. I did not need no more explanations, it was over for me.

I will never be silenced, never ever be censored, never be bought, and will never ever back down from wrong. The Freedom movement started by McCullough, Risch, Breggins etc. have been doing God’s work. I am honored to be part of that. That is the group I belong to. God’s group. The rest of grifters and grafters I am not interested in.