Breaking: MASSIVE surges in Cardiac Symptoms following Second Pfizer COVID Injection dose: Chiu et al.: "Cardiac symptoms are common after second dose Pfizer vaccine"; shock: 17% had cardiac symptoms

by Paul Alexander

see rise dose 1 to 2: Palpitation, Chest pain, Dyspnea, Dizziness or syncope, Any of the cardiac symptoms, Arrhythmia, ST-T change etc. see data Table 3 on 5 patients; after 2nd does

51 students presented with marked substantial changes in ECGs post the second Pfizer injection. ‘Abnormal ECGs were obtained in 51 (1.0%) of the students’.

The alarm with findings such as these is when you extrapolate them to millions of Americans who took the COVID gene injection (mRNA) (and especially young persons, note alarming research is showing females are also impacted e.g. myocardial lesions, with the mRNA shots) and the sequelae is ‘silent’ and then as they get older, they die suddenly, on the playing field, in their sleep etc. It is happening all around us now and you know it and you are concerned, rightly so, especially for your children you allowed to get these shots. This is a devastating feeling for parents, as if there is a ticking time bomb now in their children! And the FDA and CDC and NIH and Pfizer and Fauci and Walensky and Ashish Jha and Hotez and Njoo and Tam etc. are all still saying these deadly shots are safe and the government still pushing it on you. There is likely substantial cardiac damage that is silent with pending cardiac death.

I am simply telling you what the fraud complicit media and government health officials and academia and medical doctors who somehow are incentivized and ‘silent’, won’t tell you. I am sharing the science that they cover up! Should this study not be discussed in the news? Did you know of this study? I think you did not. Would you not liked to be told of this? I sure think so. Please share it! Share tables 1-3.


Chiu SN, Chen YS, Hsu CC, Hua YC, Tseng WC, Lu CW, Lin MT, Chen CA, Wu MH, Chen YT, Chien TH, Tseng CL, Wang JK. Changes of ECG parameters after BNT162b2 vaccine in the senior high school students. Eur J Pediatr. 2023 Jan 5:1–8. doi: 10.1007/s00431-022-04786-0. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36602621; PMCID: PMC9813456.