BREAKING: NEJM study as a clear example of the COVID gene injection vaccine subverting, damaging established natural immunity in prior infected (COVID-recovered) children (Dan-Yu Lin et al.)

by Paul Alexander

COVID gene injection vaccines damage & reverse natural immunity from prior infection, seen in children taking Pfizer vaccine; pertains to damage to the INNATE immune system (innate antibodies)???

Is this why Geert Vanden Bossche was right when he said Africa will win this insane COVID injection madness by not vaccinating their children, or at least allowing time for their innate antibodies to train their innate immune systems? Is this why African nations have fared so well against COVID and especially omicron BA.5 clade in terms of infection/cases with their low vaccination rates? Is it really because Africa allowed their infants, children, teens, young people to exercise the training of their innate immunity, to be harassed and primed daily by the circulating omicron and ongoing pandemic, as such pressured by circulating virus (massive infectious pressure) and as such allowing the innate to be taxed and tuned up daily? Is the answer really all along, with our children and their potent 1st line immune defense INNATE immune systems, and being allowed to be trained?

Let us look at the omicron BA.5 infections/cases up to today, in South Africa and their vaccine update. As you see, the increase due to the omicron was slight and fell flat as the trained innate immune system of the African kids and young persons (with trained innate immune systems) cleared out the virus as it should. They got back to herd immunity. As you see nations with low vaccine rates had low infection/cases in omicron, South Africa is a case example.

OK, now onto the subject matter, the recent NEJM study.

Basis of the NEJM study:

‘Among 887,193 children 5 to 11 years of age in the study, 193,346 SARS-CoV-2 infections occurred between March 11, 2020, and June 3, 2022; A total of 273,157 children had received at least one dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine between November 1, 2021, and June 3, 2022.’


When you read their conclusion, you could easily think that the vaccine confers protection akin to natural exposure immunity: “Both the BNT162b2 (Pfizer) vaccine and previous infection were found to confer considerable immunity against omicron infection and protection against hospitalization and death. The rapid decline in protection against omicron infection that was conferred by vaccination and previous infection provides support for booster vaccination.”

But let us look at these graphs in detail:

Look at graphs C and D, for it shows us that the the vaccinated children who had COVID infection prior (infection then shots), were at increased risk of re-infection than the children who were not vaccinated (yet had prior COVID infection). As such, it appears in this data that in children who were prior infected then got the vaccine, they were then re-infected.

Over the entire reported examination period (March 2021 to May 2022), it seems that prior infected children who were not injected, enjoyed far greater protection from a subsequent re-infection, than those who were infected but got injected. Did the COVID gene injection damage and subvert, sideline, the immunity (natural immunity) of prior infected and recovered children (Graph D)? Graph D (as opposed to graph C) shows a devastating decline in effectiveness protection from November 2021 to May 2022 (approximately 7 months). How come? Again, did the COVID gene injection damage prior functional natural immunity? Did it subvert and damage the 1st line of defense innate immune system (innate antibodies and natural killer cells (NK cells)? From their functional capacity to clear out pathogen?

Moreover, if we focus on the graph B (top right), you see protection (vaccine effectiveness) falls to zero and below at about the same time post shot. Why? For both prior infected and prior uninfected children. This is very alarming, and happened in about 20 to 22 weeks (5 months). IMO as I look at this graph, it seems that the COVID gene injection has subverted the benefit and gain from natural immunity due to prior infection and those children’s immune systems operated as if they were never prior infected. The benefit of prior infection appears to be subverted and damaged by the injection/vaccine. The child is very vulnerable then not only to COVID virus, but to a host of pathogen then that share similar sugars and glycans and surface patterns, glycosylated viruses, and very vulnerable to auto-immune disease too. By the way, I am junior to immunologists and virologists and always open to suggestion, correction, and learning. Feel free.

It is catastrophic to bypass the specific window of opportunity training that the child’s innate antibodies and innate immune system (and natural killer cells (NK cells)) MUST go through. We have been arguing against this all along, this is why the child must not receive these COVID injections, no healthy child. This data is sending us a message that the immune system of children maybe be damaged if potentially vaccinated with the COVID injection too early or even at all. We need this investigated urgently and thank God parents are not rushing to inject their kids post the FDA and CDC approval 6 months to 5 years etc.

We need to think about this carefully for it is horrendous if as this data shows. Moreover, post infection, it is not only memory B and T cells that we have to think about, for there is also the key training of the INNATE immune system, this training and education due to the innate antibodies that bind to the virus and educate the innate immune system and larger immune system so that the child is broadly protected against a range of glycosylated viruses. Including COVID. Including dengue, cholera, hepatitis, polio etc. In other words, a damaged immune system.

I think this has to do with timing of the administered COVID injection and the issue of the induced antigen-specific vaccinal antibodies and it’s greater affinity for the antigen (spike), over the lower-affinity, broadly protective innate antibodies (and natural immunity B-cell derived antibodies). I am speculating to help explain graphs C and D, that if the COVID injection (vaccine) is administered too early in the child’s growth, so it is a timing issue, before the child’s innate antibodies can adequately train the innate immune system (and I am taking tone from Geert VB), then the lack of training leaves the child susceptible to a host of pathogen, not just to COVID. They can be susceptible to a host of viruses like polio, measles, mumps, rubella, flu, common-cold coronaviruses, rotavirus etc. Their immune systems will not be able to recognize ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components and can fall victim to auto-immune reactivity.

All this to say that something is terribly wrong here and it appears that the COVID gene injection vaccine (mRNA Pfizer platform) is harming the COVID recovered natural immunity as seen in this cohort of children. Does the COVID gene injection subvert the entire immune system or only for glycosylated virus pathogen? Or only for COVID virus?