BREAKING NEWS: CJ Law defeats NYC Vaccine Mandate. Judge strikes mandate down as unconstitutional, arbitrary & capricious. Historic victory for NY’s Strongest & the rest of NYC’s public; Chad LaVeglia

by Paul Alexander

That all employees be taken back as of 6 am tomorrow and all their salaries be returned, that the Mayor et al. were wrong AND we always knew this; as I keep saying, we will punish them in courts

It is a victory for freedom and liberty and it is horrible that people were forced to get these COVID fraud dangerous vaccines and now it is in them and they cannot get it out of them. I know, but it is a victory and when we say we will get Fauci and Birx and Walensky and Bourla and Bancel and Francis Collins into a courtroom, with proper legal hearings, you best believe it. We will punish them all and take their money and jail many. You just wait!

And no, we will not let Fauci claim he is over 80 and we are taking advantage. No age card here little one!