BREAKING: Ontario police arrest Josh Alexander, who protested boys in girls’ bathrooms, for attending class; IMO, stop this bullsh*t criminal transgender garbage, you are MEN, with balls, MEN, stones

by Paul Alexander

You freaks are NOT women, will never be women and are really perverts who should get a good licking, MEN, real non-poissy pink hats should stand up, protect your WOMEN & evict these freaks

You freaks think you can now take the place of women, who still fight for equality etc. Now you are coming in pretending to be women. What a load of filth.

You freaks are sick in the head, you need psychiatric help, stop your perversion, stop your pedophilia IMO, it is pedophilia, Trudeau must end this bullshit, this Bruce Jenner bullshit, you are a man, a male, a boy, you cannot and will not be a girl, stop imposing your freak crap on our children, stop, our little girls do not need men in their change rooms of girls etc. If you are a male and rape a woman etc., or commit any crime, you got to MALE jail, don’t give me this crap, this EFFin crap that you are a woman or transitioning so you must go to female jail, IMO as long as you have your stones and have not slung off your willie, you are a hard ass back man, stop this bullshit! Man jail where you belong!

Stop this transgender madness, it is perversion, pedophilia, sickness all wrapped up in one and you ministers and governments standing this up need psychiatric help! All of you, for what? votes? you risk our children for your votes? you pervert you!


‘RENFREW, Ontario  (LifeSiteNews) – Canadian high school student Josh Alexander was arrested and charged this morning at his school for attending class.  

“I have just been arrested and charged at my Catholic high school for attending class after being excluded for indicating my intent to adhere to my religious beliefs,” tweeted Alexander this morning.’