Breaking: POTUS Trump indicted & my views below as to why this is happening and in my view, it is very wrong; I stand with POTUS Trump for I saw first hand at HHS & in US govn the witch hunt on him

by Paul Alexander

Democrats and the deepstate and RINOs and all who partake in this will learn one day that it will come back on them; this is another attempt to damage him & take him out before the election; COVID 2.0

‘Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office said it contacted Trump’s attorney to “coordinate his surrender” on an indictment that “remains under seal.” The former president is expected to turn himself in early next week, his attorney Joe Tacopina told NBC News.’

They used COVID, a fraud concocted non-pandemic with a flawed fraud PCR test (over-cycled and over-sensitive) to topple a sitting POTUS and now are trying again, to prevent his re-election. In my view, they will go to any lengths to make sure that he is damaged and tarnished before the election. This IMO, represents one such tactic. It did not work the first time, yet they are trying again. The scales of justice do not always prevail and are not always balanced and Madame Justice is not blind when it comes to Trump. This is wrong on so many levels and as one individual, I disagree with what was done here.