by Paul Alexander

technology Pfizer Moderna BioNTech vaccine? Why are these people silent? What caused this student pilot in the army go into heart failure, clinically dead for 18 minutes! IMO, mRNA gene vaccine

This young pilot DIED literally, like Damar Hamlin NFL Buffalo team, modern technology brought him back to life. Same as Bronny James (LeBron’s son).


‘A student in flight school at Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker) went into cardiac arrest while he was behind the controls in midflight, and the various messages I’m getting from students, instructors and other senior members within the chain of command paint the same picture with different conclusions.

on Friday, August 18, a student pilot was flying NOE (Nap of the earth is a low altitude flight used by military aircraft to avoid enemy detection and attack in a high-threat environment) when he suddenly slumped over the controls. There was a second student pilot who jumped into action and pulled him off of the controls while the IP (Instructor Pilot) took over and was able to safely land on the stage field.

The second student immediately began performing CPR on the first student while the IP performed emergency shutdown. The paramedics immediately began life saving measures after he was pulled from his seat. He was medevac’d to the hospital in Dothan with his stick buddy, the second student, riding along with him. They were able to resuscitate him enroute, and yes, they used a defibrillator (this is an important note for later).

I think we all have the same suspicions. If you’ve been living on planet earth in the last two years and aren’t aware of the abnormal amount of young Americans dropping dead, then you’re one of the fortunate ones who’s managed to insulate themselves from literally every external media source available. You may still be in denial about it being attributed to the COVID vaccine, and you may even be stupid enough to pin it on climate change, but you’re aware that deaths are increasing nonetheless.’

A precautionary landing is from any sort of issue that is deemed detrimental to the aircraft itself and would potentially cause the aircraft to have issues in the future. This was a medical event though, therefore an investigation isn’t warranted.

Therein lies the next issue. Students in the basic course, along with those in WOAC (Warrant Officer Advanced Course), are being told this was a medical event and nothing more. In fact, students in the basic course being debriefed on what happened were told the student pilot “became unconscious” and have not officially been told it was attributed to a cardiac arrest. One of the students who messaged said they had a brief safety stand down while praising the Army’s new emergency response procedure and told me “there’s no real news or tragedy to report.” Every message from a student included the words “unresponsive” or unconscious” but nothing about a heart attack or cardiac arrest. One of the DACs (civilian) told me “we got a brief today; they aren’t saying heart attack, but he lost consciousness and was air medevac’d to Dothan.”

Instructors and cadre told a different story, however. One member of cadre told me, “yes, a student in Common Core had a heart attack. Yes, he was revived after 11 minutes.” A couple of other messages echoed this statement. Then I spoke to a member of the medical response team. This person told me from start to finish, the student was gone for a total of 18 minutes. He was, indeed, revived with a defibrillator, and he factually went into cardiac arrest. This person flat out said he was dead and brought back to life.’

The students are not being told accurate details, while the chain of command is refusing to investigate it based on it being a medical event not related to the aircraft. The students should know what took place in that cockpit. EVERYONE should know what happened in the cockpit. The military recently admitted that myocarditis has spiked after the COVID vaccine was mandated. This is not new information to anyone who follows us, as we’ve shown proof of this for a year and a half now. These events shouldn’t be brushed over or swept under the rug, but the DOD’s official stance is that the vaccine is “safe and effective,” therefore don’t ask questions and just get it. Covering it vaccine related events is not a a coordinated event; it’s an ideology. Flag officers know exactly what to do when this stuff happens, and they carry out their purpose with swift resolve.’