BREAKING: WHO (World Health Organization) moves to change 'MONKEYPOX' name; is NOT due to stigmatization, a LIE, be warned, concerted move as they did for 'CORONAVIRUS' January-February 2020

by Paul Alexander

WHO, CDC, NIH, Fauci, Francis Collins, Tedros etc. could not get you to buy names as 'coronavirus' as we know it as common cold & quickly went away 2003 SARS; name change to scare you e.g. 'novel'?

They are using the same play book February 2020; they have realized that we are informing the public (and the public understands) that monkeypox is not a national problem and needs no mass vaccination or mass lockdowns and it is relegated to the gay and bisexual high risk community and not the general population. As they slip in the COVID injections for children via the reckless and dangerous FDA move this week and rest of June to approve these ineffective and harmful injections (in children), IMO are moving to change the name from monkey pox to another name like they did for coronavirus in February 2020 to then COVID-19.

This made people globally think this is not the usual ‘coronavirus’ like common cold etc. and must be something much more serious. They are doing same here. They are moving to change the name from monkeypox to another name e.g. simian severe disease etc. (something like that) to make the public think this is a new ‘novel’ infection/disease. They may use the name ‘novel’ too to make you think it is ‘new’. It will not be new. It is part of the fake sell to you. They started with the bogus paper the WHO says prompted their move to change the name. It is a concerted head fake to the world. Be warned.

UK Health Agency: 99% Of Monkeypox Cases Are Gay Men

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WHO (World Health Organization), this bastion of ineptness, corruption, incompetence, now gone full WOKE; renaming monkeypox out of stigmatization; what idiots at WHO; it's an African virus, period!
What a woke bunch of stupid people!!!! When you thought WHO could not be more irrelevant and inane and vacuous. OK, let me break it down for you. Based on all we know today, monkeypox is endemic to Africa, emerged from Africa, most nations infected and endemic are in Africa you blockheads at WHO, you ding dongs, you egg heads, you corrupted, donor money…
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