British Heart Foundation video; one of our colleagues here gave me and not sure I have permission to share her name, she is a MD, PhD; key is how the system is trying to normalize heart death in kids

by Paul Alexander

Normalizing heart disease among children. that's the key, they know children will die from these vaccines so putting it in your face and telling you do not fuss, we can treat it...'they got this'...

Her words ‘I've also seen ads on buses, something like "did you know that children can also suffer from strokes?". Then there are all these defibrillators distributed to schools, I believe in New Brunswick. And the newspaper, can't remember which one, disingenuously saying that schools were very convenient places to have defibrillators because they are community reference points! 

Finally, sick kids in Toronto recently published a report for pediatricians on how to treat myocarditis. They obviously know what these injections do to the kids!’

Out of privacy I have not shared identity but this is riveting and this is her expertise and it is shocking how much this concerns her and I felt I would share for this is important to share.