Brogna found COVID spike protein from mRNA technology vaccine produced long-term (6 mths) in 50% of vaccinated persons? Yes! "Detection of recombinant Spike protein in blood of individuals vaccinated

by Paul Alexander

for COVID: Possible molecular mechanisms"; it was always criminals lying to us e.g. Fauci, Njoo, Tam, Walensky, Bourla, Bancel in that it never was going to stay in deltoid & spike never short lived

Igor Chudov does a masterful job again! This highlighted Brogna study showed ‘presence of spike protein in COVID-vaccinated people six MONTHS after vaccination’; lines up with Roltgen in CELL and Paterson et al. (16 months post infection we see spike).

Key finding:

Thespecific PP Spike fragment was found in 50% of the biological samples analyzed, and its presence was independent of the SARS-CoV- 2 IgG antibody titer. The minimum and maximum time at which PP-Spike was detected after vaccination was 69 and 187days, respectively.

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Half of Vaccinated People Never Stop Producing Spike Protein, Study Found
Remember how we were told that “the vaccine stays in the arm” and that “harmless spike protein is only produced for a couple of days.” They said they were sure of that, despite no data to confirm their statements. Well, sadly, it turns out that they lied to us…
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