BROWNSTONE's Fellow Dr. Paul Alexander's review of more than 170 pieces of evidence showing failure & ineffectiveness & harms of COVID face masks; including new ANNALS RCT of N95 versus surgical masks

by Paul Alexander

see reference 102 under the first sub-heading of MASK-INEFFECTIVENESS


More than 170 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms


see new addition, reference 102:

102) Medical Masks Versus N95 Respirators for Preventing COVID-19 Among Health Care Workers, Loeb, 2022

Researchers found that both the surgical masks and the N95 fitted COVID masks do not stop infection as in both trial arms (non-inferiority multi-center trial), participants got infected; moreover, there was no difference between the surgical masks and the N95 fitted masks in terms of stopping infection. “In the intention-to-treat analysis, RT-PCR–confirmed COVID-19 occurred in 52 of 497 (10.46%) participants in the medical mask group versus 47 of 507 (9.27%) in the N95 respirator group (hazard ratio [HR], 1.14 [95% CI, 0.77 to 1.69]). There were 47 (10.8%) adverse events related to the intervention reported in the medical mask group and 59 (13.6%) in the N95 respirator group.”