Bryan Kohberger, they got him! Idaho murderer from all accounts, savaged those beautiful 4 young people; IMO, no trial, hand him to the parents, let them 'quarter' him then feed him to the dogs

by Paul Alexander

Better yet, call 'Dexter', let him 'take out the trash'. arrested in Scranton, Pennsylvania, if this POS is killer, if it is clear, then hang him high! have no mercy, no trial, let parents have him

I love justice, I turn on accountability, and I love vengeance, I love it, when it is justified.

Let the parents tear him up. We need ‘predictability’ of punishment and it is here I love the middle eastern way. An eye for an eye.

Had this been my child, my daughter or son, there is no amount of police could him from me. They would need to hide him good.

I thank and praise the police and law enforcement for doing the work and getting him. Let us hope it sticks and that some punk ass low-life defense un bathe lawyer don’t come along and get him off.

Dear Lord, I sinned my soul tonight, forgive me, but I am not Jesus and we have to tear this beast apart if we could. Limb by limb.