BUBBLE 'elderly' elderly? So you thought you could protect your elderly with 2.5 years lockdown isolation, weakening their already IMMUNO-SENESCENCE immune systems, a then failed VAXX & not get sick?

by Paul Alexander

They were bound to get sick, in many cases very sick moment you let them out, they have nothing to protect themselves with, no immunity, no protection from COVID vax, and a common cold can harm them

So do we bubble them? Keep them locked up for years? Once they get out, they will catch something and get them sick. Even a cold will kill them. Can kill them as pneumonia can and often sets in and a death pathway. I am talking to you frankly here.

Omicron is rampant still, and with weak immune systems, they will get it (get infected) and with a weak immune system, and with underlying medical conditions, they are at elevated risk.

It is those with medical conditions, our elderly, that are in trouble. I beg you, protect them, now you must for these beasts failed in every way to do anything for them.

Vaccine must be stopped, we must punish our governments for this disaster we face as the vaccine did this with the lockdowns. It is as if this was ‘deliberate’.