Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin (cardiac arrest on NFL field & we said mRNA vaccine related) cleared then placed on INACTIVE list Monday night Football Buffalo Bills NFL game! Why? There is MORE to this!

by Paul Alexander

We argued that it was likely mRNA vaccine induced silent myocarditis or similar, that we are not being told! The doctors, team, NFL are deceiving the nation & other players in league! He must retire!


‘CNN — 


Damar Hamlin will not play in the Buffalo Bills’ opening game of the NFL season in a Monday Night Football contest against the New York Jets after being placed on the inactive list.

Hamlin was fully cleared to resume football activities in April after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field against the Cincinnati Bengals in January.’

I do not buy any of this, and until we know his then vaccine status, boosting status, his myocarditis status, his test results, we CANNOT take the COVID mRNA technology vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) off the table as the then cause of the cardiac arrest, NOT commotio cordis as we were told! Something stinks to high heavens! I argue that they have lied to us with this commotio cordis crap, this was likely vaccine induced damaged heart, he is at risk if he ever plays again, to die on the field and the league must now move to clear all players with the proper tests for heart injury e.g. Troponin test, D-Dimer, chest MRIs etc. Do not let players die, like how we are risking pilots’ lives and that of passengers in commercial planes. Stop now!