Buffalo police (TOPS grocery mass shooting) show you what brave top class police are, calmed their fears, even allowed shooter their rights, but he is evil & craven & must pay; Texas (Uvalde) school..

by Paul Alexander

showed us what NOT brave police are, they did not overcome their fears, 19 stood in the hallway, should have disregarded command in this situation, hearing shots inside, 2 different sets of policing

I praise the Buffalo police. Huge praise. Lots of crazy issues to deal with but in a strange way showed us what responsible use of a police weapon is. You need to look at how I am looking at this. I am trying to praise the Buffalo police for in a way, their actions that day shows the benchmark and manner in which police SHOULD deal with threatening situations. I am no cop so bear with me. Yes there is and was fear for them, but they did not just go shooting up the place. They overcame their fears to handle a devastating situation with bodies laying all around and a shooter with a gun as big or bigger then theirs. So they were in a dangerous zone. Yet look how that ended. In other words, while we may say they should have shot him, I think so too, but now we can learn lots and also, this can be used as a way to teach that even in a high risk situation, you can calm your fears, do not let it rule you to do crazy things and start shooting. In the Texas situation, it shows what can go disastrously wrong, and it appears the police could not deal with their own fears as they followed what appears to be a devastating order to stand down, and thus were paralyzed in place. 19 cops on the inside next to the shooter yet could not act. Not one acted. Now word is they were fearful. Fearful? To that extent? I hope you understand I am saying that the Buffalo police shows how police must be able to address their own fears too and manage the situation for the best outcome. I am trying to make sense of both situations but the Texas one defies logical explanations. The police failed!

There are times you must overcome your fears and not just reach for the gun and shoot up the place or people. Again, to me, Buffalo police showed is this. There are times however, that you must overcome your fears and reach for the gun and go in blazing. There are times you must never reach for the gun. Police must know this and operate accordingly. IMO. I think we had two of these scenarios with the Buffalo and Texas shootings by the two 18-year old craven evil killers. I am a lay person.

The issue IMO is that you must overcome your own fears so that you can act appropriately…not because you have weapon on your side, you go using it at times wrongfully, and not because you have a weapon on your side you DO NOT use it…you use it when it has to be used…you do not let your fears drive you to action or INACTION…in Buffalo, the police showed us what top notch policing is about, how it should be handled, they did not let their fears rule them to NOT go in or to go in there shooting up the place at the shooter…they came out of this with the killer alive and he will face justice…he is even afforded his rights under our system of laws… the Texas police on the other hand showed us what fearfulness does…and look, its ok if they were scared too, they, police, are human too, but they are in the wrong job, business, the Texas Uvalde police, should not be police officers. the 19. Fire them all now, first. Let investigations begin but begin by recognizing their actions were devastating and costed lives.

Their actions (lack of it) may have caused the deaths of defenseless children who needed them to act, and act NOW as the begged, not pontificate and seemingly cower in fear or be paralyzed…not listen to commands that made no sense. Now the news says the commander had no radio? Is this true? God help us if that is proven true for then how could have he commanded the incident scene? CNN has reported this about no radio, so take with a pinch of salt but actually, as much as I detest CNN and its BS reporting fake biased lying consistent crap, they are reporting better than FOX et al. on this matter. No need investigate that!

Your role as a police officer is to risk your life, that’s what you were paid for. You got the badge and gun and the like. The Buffalo cops must be praised and distinguished for they showed us in spades IMO, what a top notch police is and can do, how they can handle an unfolding catastrophic situation…Texas Uvalde police are a disgrace for they should have disregarded the commander based on what we know so far…an unjust law may be legal, but it does not make it right. A bad or wrong command MUST be overridden, if you know lives are at stake. If you are sure and as a cop standing outside that classroom hearing shots, you had to know lives were at stake. Normally I would not say disobey a command. In this case, yes!

This is just my opinion. I went to Buffalo today to spend time with victim families of the TOPS shooting and with friends, and just stand there and talk and to to see with my own eyes. With people who live there and were there. The scene overcomes you.