Buffalo's NFL Damar HAMLIN says his doctors said it was commotio cordis & he will play again! I say NO, his risk is high, McCullough, Stock, Alexander (me) question; this was VACCINE-INDUCED mRNA CA

by Paul Alexander

I wish Damar well but his doctors are lying, the league is lying, they are deceiving him; tell us his vaccine status given his public statements! he said he died on field & he did! Kirsch was right!

VACCINE-INDUCED mRNA technology based cardiac arrest on the field.

He said he died on the field, and he did. Kirsch was right.


Damar must be respected and allowed privacy and it is tragic what he went through but he is high risk and this is likely vaccine-induced myocarditis that came alive due to surges in adrenaline that strained a scarred myocardium and we the public must be told the truth. He is talking publicly. It is imperative we are told the ‘full’ story. Where is his vaccine status or myocarditis status? I trust not one of those doctors, no one in this! IMO.

Huge respect to his family. The league must ensure that players exclude silent myocarditis before allowing players to take to the field or even spring training etc. pre-season. Same with pilots etc. e.g. high-sensitivity troponin testing, EKGs, D-DIMERS, gadolinium chest MRIs etc. It is imperative we exclude silent myocarditis especially in our girls, females too. This is NOT only an issue for males.

Is money driving this? Are the other players on the NFL TEAMS being put in harms way? Due to lies to protect the serious issues and potential risks from the COVID fraud deadly gene injection? Has big pharma and vaccine makers donated sufficient to buy the league’s silence? Has the US government e.g. HHS etc. given enough to the NFL to get it to play along?

What really is at stake here?

I feel terribly for Damar and wish him a long safe life but not in the league. His risk is too great, especially given how much CPR he needed. His heart is not the same anymore. No one should kid him. He is a good guy.