Bui Van Phu, New Yorker Sucker puncher is registered sex offender in New York and this beast, this demon is back on the street? Is New York bail laws INSANE? 7-Eleven Los Angeles Looting? Is this USA?

by Paul Alexander

The democrats and left have fully embraced criminality! This is happening in leftist liberal cities, they are INSANE! How could they defend this criminality? New York is very dangerous now!


NYP: Sex fiend who nearly killed NYC man with sucker punch freed without bail

This puke, this demon, this beast must be jailed for life, he is a sick deadly bastard!

7-Eleven Los Angeles looting":

VIDEO of LA 7-Eleven looting

Shocking moment mob of looters RANSACK and destroy 7-Eleven store in Democrat-led LA, leaving store worker fearing for his life