Bullet Points for Streamers who wish to live stream The People's Trucker Convoy; UPDATE: on move from Maryland headed to California, LA rally April 10th arrival, Sacramento April 11th

by Paul Alexander

Please share, we depart tomorrow morning 9 am EST. I am please to share that the work with the DC police, the Virginia police, the Maryland police was exceptional; one major threat avoided, will share


The People’s Convoy is on the move! 

Please reference these bullet points to stay on message, share them with your audience.

  • Leaving Hagerstown Speedway on Thursday 03-31-2022 9am.

• We are heading to the greater Charlotte area East Lincoln Speedway - 1873 Mariposa Road,     Stanley, NC

• I-81 south

• I-77 south

• Highway 73 west 

• ETA: 5PM-7PM 

• Call to action: anyone can join convoy along our route. safely line overpasses and highways with flags.

• All are welcome to come to the racetrack.

 Rally Fri morning at 04-01-2022 9AM before departure. 


Within 24 hours of announcing that we were heading to California to oppose these measures, the “Los Angeles Times” reported that the legislature has already shelved one of them, attributing the People’s Convoy as responsible for this reversal. Assembly Bill 1993 would have required all employees and contractors working in California to have the latest experimental injections in order to have a job. 

This convoy is a mobile magnifying glass to raise awareness to medical tyranny in the states and nationwide. 

To remain effective, the convoy must stay on the move and in the public eye.


MEDIA REPORT 03-30-2022

KBFK NEWS RADIO–'People's Convoy' Heading Back To California

A group led by truckers known as "The People's Convoy," has set their sights west, to protest COVID-19-related bills in the Golden State - which ranges from employer vaccine mandates to COVID related school requirements.

On the convoy's website, they list ten bills that must be opposed, which are all related to 'medical freedom.' Since this announcement, This morning, Oakland Democrat Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks is postponing Assembly Bill 1993, which would have required all workers in the state of California to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination by 2023, with no word on when that bill may be brought up again. Actively, California already requires certain employees, including health care and state workers, to get COVID vaccines or submit to regular testing. AB 1993 was scheduled to be discussed this afternoon in committee.

PRATT TRIBUNE–Pratt County trucking company owners take part in unforgettable People’s Convoy to Washington, D.C.

Duane and Jennifer Wahrman of Pratt own two trucking companies, a home-based hauling service called D & J Fluid Service, LLC and an over-the-road long haul company simply called D&J Trucking, LLC. Their businesses, as well as their personal lives, have been greatly affected by national policies in the past two years. Last month they joined the People’s Convoy of truckers, driving to Washington, D.C. in protest of the continued enactment of the federal emergency powers act.

“The federal mandates that our government here in the United States continues to make use of has really hit home for us,” Jennifer Wahrman said. “I did a lot of research about the People’s Convoy and their purpose to peacefully demonstrate that there are many, many here in the backbone of the United States that think extended government control over many areas of our lives has gone to far. We just really felt we needed to step up and do something. That’s why we joined the convoy.”

LAS ANGELES TIMES–Essential Politics: Garcetti nomination faces turbulence on Capitol Hill

A group of truck drivers that have protested COVID-19 mandates in the Washington area for several weeks is returning to California to protest bills coming up for votes soon in the Legislature, organizers said Sunday, Jaimie Ding reports. The caravan of semis, pickups and RVs, dubbed the People’s Convoy, will depart Hagerstown, Md., where drivers have been camped out at the Hagerstown Speedway. The convoy has circled the D.C. Beltway in daily protest for weeks, calling for an end to COVID-19 masking and vaccination requirements as well as the federal government’s COVID-19 emergency declaration. At one point, the convoy entered the city and clogged up the streets.