Burn those bras, yes, burn them!!! Burn them all! Burn all the Nike bras and goods! The same Nike too down with LeBron's Chinese CCP slave labor! This transgender Dylan Mulvaney DOES NOT represent

by Paul Alexander

normalcy! He's not a woman, he's a MAN with a penis, not a woman, will never be; Nick needs some psychiatric help; “All you real women out there, we are in the fight of a our lives" chatterbox.mama

Nike faced increasing backlash from women over having transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney promote the company’s apparel as a “Burn Bra Challenge” was launched on TikTok.

What ya'll think about this??#DylanMulvaney #Nike #ChatterBoxMama #Lovelytitv pic.twitter.com/3mcx7ydgiO

— lovelyti (@lovelyti) April 12, 2023

“All you real women out there – we are in the fight of all fights,” the woman said to her more than 140,000 followers.

“Since the 1960s, we have been fighting for the right to be women,” she added. “Nike, you should be ashamed of yourself.”


I am with you ladies, burn them bras!