Bush condemns 'unjustified and brutal' invasion of Iraq, instead of Ukraine, in speech gaffe; Realizing his mistake, the former president made a joke about his age. He then said it was Ukraine

by Paul Alexander

I have news for you, he was correct on Iraq and meant to say Iraq, the truth my friend, is never far behind...it always bubbles to the surface and one day the truth will be told of this lie

We killed the best female and male soldiers in Iraq, lost their limbs, brutalized, we plundered our treasure and blood, for a lie…Colin Powel, may you walk the nights for you should never rest in peace for what you did that day at the UN…I have compassion for you as a human being, but you lied to the UN and world and helped kill our precious soldiers for a lie and I hope our maker disciplines you one day for that…I wish you enter heaven but you must atone…you sent our sons and daughters to die for a lie…you and Rumsfeld and Cheney…sick twisted people.

George W. Bush Mistakenly Condemns 'Unjustified and Brutal Invasion' of Iraq Instead of Ukraine