By suppressing open scientific discussion, Fauci, Francis Collins, CDC, NIH, FDA, TWITTER, Facebook, Youtube etc. worked to severely harm science, devastated children, & devastated the US public

by Paul Alexander

All of these people violated & censored our 1st amendment rights; all we were doing was questioning the specious unscientific unsound COVID lunatic policies, yet were banned; they killed people!

That they would push Eric Ding Dong dimwit as an expert over McCullough or Risch made me understand how deranged and vile these people are and were.

People died due to their policies to ban and censor information that could have informed the public. They must be held to account! They must all be investigated by the congress, they must be punished once it is shown they did wrong. If it is shown they did wrong, they must be subjected to financial penalties and imprisoned. No question. From the Trump administration to the Biden administration. No matter who it is.