CALLING ON POTUS Trump to reverse course, mea culpa & disown the COVID lockdown lunacy & fraud COVID gene injection platform; POTUS Trump I greatly admire you so I will give unsolicited advice at risk

by Paul Alexander

of offending; this is way too critical; you were lied to as to vaccine's 95% efficacy (never was) & short follow-up; so you based your decision to save lives versus holding it back & cause deaths

So POTUS Trump was in a ‘no win’ situation surrounded by malfeasants who were seeking to destroy his Presidency. Either he put it out to save lives trusting the 95% efficacy data by Fauci and Bourla et al. as the non-scientist he is (fraud data by vaccine makers) or stop it due to the lack of proper safety testing. Yet putting it out without the safety as we now see, costed lives. So trust the 95% to save lives and put it out fast before safety is defined, yet now we know it is not effective and not safe. We know you wanted it to be voluntary while the Biden administration mandated it under threat of law. We know you were in support of early treatment and prophylaxis initially.

It is time. It is time you stood up and declare the mistake that this was and explain how you will work to repay the damage. Tell us how you will make those who were harmed and lost loved one, how you will make them ‘whole’. It is up to you now. It is important you stood up. Tell us how much you were misled, for you were. Do not be silent on this anymore. You will be blamed for this, fully! The media etc. will blame you shortly.

POTUS Trump, do not say anymore that the lockdowns and vaccine saved lives. They never did! Fauci et al. did this to you and your presidency and you are wearing it and it is time you spoke to the public with ALL the truth. People will support you.

Your recent interview where you touted the vaccine was very troubling. I ask you to stop this and allow us to provide you the proper science if needed. I write still in support of you. I know what these malfeasants did to you.

Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter
Trump is flat wrong here, 100%, that the Fauci & Birx lockdowns saved lives or the COVID gene injection was beneficial or saved lives; It is ineffective & kills! MUST be stopped immediately!
He was POTUS and he had counsel and he was misled yes, Fauci et al. misled him but no excuses, he should have known you cannot take 15 years and boil it down to 5 months for a vaccine. This was a grave mistake and failure. I am sorry, loved him and supported but I cannot go along with this below as reported in NEWSWEEK…
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