Can lipid-nano particles (LNPs) carrying the COVID mRNA technology payload cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB)? Yes & implications are staggering given the body, immune system (T-killer lymphocytes)

by Paul Alexander

etc. will wage and attack on any cells taking up the LNPs whereby the mRNA technology can be translated to the spike protein that is expressed on the cell surface e.g. brain cells etc.

Once on the cell surface, the immune system, body will attack the cells and tissues as any foreign protein that is not part of the human body, does not belong to ‘self’ must be destroyed.

Did the inventors of the mRNA technology e.g. Kariko etc. and in unison with the LNP delivery platform, know that the LNP and its payload of modified mRNA will go all over the body systemically and not stay at injection site as we were told by CDC etc.? Did they? When did they know it? Why were they silent? Would those who took the vaccine and got harmed and even died, make a different decision had they been told this piece of information by the experts who invented the mRNA technology and in their work with LNPs, exosomes etc.? Maybe would be alive today?


It is an important question and we cannot shy away from it.