Can you name anyone from among the class of clowns on the Republican side who can fix America as they still suck on their mother's breasts? Can you? No, Trump is their daddy & they know it, they need

by Paul Alexander

him, he owns them in their heads, he is an adult among babies IMO & like DeSantis, will damage their brands & names; Trump is the ONLY one among them in this class, who can DELIVER! rest plays 'house'

Trump 2.0 will be a nightmare for the democrats for he is determined to imprison every one of them who did wrong, and all Republicans too who did wrong…I cannot say more based on what I know and I know he will strongly consider ending liability protection for vaccine makers and CDC and all from his past administration too so all could be sued in courts for harms to them, he will study it and will even study and consider retroactive reversal EO, and will consider strongly and study it, a victim compensation fund, I know this and thats all I will say now….but the Trump coming is the Trump we thought he had term 1 while Paul ‘Beelzebub’ Ryan and Bitch McConnell thwarted his each move, yet he did sooooooo good!

This is the Trump I suported Term 1 and want on deck now. The rest could stand by pulling fuzz balls from their navels as daddy handles business!