Canada again, Ontario under Doug Ford's COVID death government! Devastating ruling! OUR WORK CONTINUES as Ontario’s top court overturned a decision made by a superior court last year that ruled in

by Paul Alexander

favour of a mother who didn’t want her two children to receive the COVID-19 vaccines due to concerns over adverse effects; now father decides who is for the vaccine in near zero risk children!

‘The mother was contesting a motion brought forward by her ex-husband on Jan. 25, 2022, that asked for a court order that both children—aged 10 and 12 at the time—get injected with the vaccines followed by “all recommended” booster shots. The children had said they did not want to be vaccinated.

The ruling by the Court of Appeal on Feb. 3 means that the decision of Superior Court Justice Alex Pazaratz last February is now set aside, and that the father is granted the “sole decision-making authority” with respect to the two children’s vaccination against the virus.’