Canada, America, UK, these western nations were criminal in use of sedatives like MIDAZOLAM, diamorphine, other toxic drugs to comatose & euthanize our elderly & loved ones in COVID, KILLED our people

by Paul Alexander

they made pandemic look worse when it was them at CDC, NIH, SAGE, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, health officials, agenices making policies that killed innocent people via a fraud PCR-'made-up' pandemic

The mass murder of our elderly and vulnerable in nursing homes, old-aged homes etc. It was all a lie, all of COVID, 100% a lie, from virus origin to lockdowns to vaccine, it was a putrid ‘false-positive’ PCR-manufactured lie. lies. All lies. None of it was and is true I have realized. The greatest fraud in history. Stole 3 years of your life, damaged your children, caused good people and kids to hang themselves in desperation during heights of the lockdown lunacy they pushed on us.

We must hunt them legally and punish them who did this!