Canada, Manitoba province data (see link) May 1 to May 31st 2022, age-adjusted data to standardize age, shows vaccinated are at greater risk of hospitalization and death than unvaccinated

by Paul Alexander

Profound data that this would be released this way; even boosted has risk of death; bottom line, this is happening in Ontario, British Columbia, across Canada; vaxxed persons increased risk of death!

Key issue here is to compare vaxxed vs unvaxxed so collapse 1, 2, and 3 doses for no matter how much these demons redefine ‘vaccinated’ to make it seem like more burden in the unvaccinated, after 1 dose and before 14 days post dose you ARE vaccinated. So I am looking for the unvaxxed raw data to run a different graph (my pal Roger mentioned) and it looks like we could collapse all the data in table 2, I inset table 2 below…


Manitoba, Canada Provincial Respiratory Surveillance Report; COVID-19

see definitions for the government graphs and how what being ‘vaccinated’ is defined as, again to make this look like it is a problem for unvaccinated but even with that 14 day definition for being vaccinated, it looks terrible for the vaccinated:

Figure 6:

Figure 5:

See this crude graph for hospitalizations I pulled together but need the real raw unvax data: