Canada, oh the insanity knows no limit; at the border, in the country; in Toronto 95% of people wear masks outdoors! Western University is mandating boosters (that don't work) and masks (that don't work)

by Paul Alexander

These WOKE idiotic administrators and government people, stupid, illogical, irrational, moronic, and non-sensical DOLTS! I hope I got my adjectives correct to describe this bunch of ding dong nuts!

Boosters? When Trudeau got shots out his eyeballs and still got infected? to university students who are the most healthy in society, near zero risk, with masks that do not work, ineffective and even toxic. I mean, you just cannot beat Canada. At least we are first in one thing, which is sheer idiocy! Canada has become the laughing stock of the world and invokes terror to people who plan to visit, and is an example to the world on how to implement a socialist communist society while operating as a free market democratic society, and how to show that despite insulin being discovered at U of Toronto, despite McGill, there are some of the most inept, incompetent, corrupted people emerging from the public health schools who showed how inept they were in SARS 1 in 2003. They are at least staying true to form for SARS 2. Same idiots, just older, running the asylum.

‘LONDON, Ont. - Western University announced Monday staff and students who return to campus next month will be required to have at least one booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and wear masks in classrooms.


The London, Ont., university’s updated vaccine policy requires a booster dose — usually equivalent to a third shot — for students, employees, and some visitors to its campus.

“While we can’t predict when the next wave of COVID-19 might come, we believe these measures will help us protect the in-person experience that Western is known for,“ said provost Florentine Strzelczyk, in a statement posted to the university’s website announcing the updated policy.

The university said proof of vaccination documents must be submitted by Oct. 1.

Students living in residence who do not have a booster before they arrive will be offered a two-week “grace period” and “easy access” to a campus vaccination clinic, the university said.

Third-dose uptake in the 18-29 age group is currently about 39 per cent in Ontario, lower than any other adult age group. By comparison, roughly 85 per cent in that young adult cohort have two vaccine doses.

Jars full of empty COVID-19 vaccine vials are shown at the Junction Chemist pharmacy during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Ontario doctors are advising people to keep up with vaccinations ahead of the fall, when illnesses including COVID-19 and influenza are expected to spread amid health system challenges. Physicians spoke at a virtual panel hosted by the Ontario Medical Association to for a lookahead discussion about the pandemic and other health-care issues in the coming months.

The updated policies come after University of Toronto announced last month it would require those living in residence to have a booster shot, and recommended all others keep their vaccinations up to date.

Toronto Metropolitan University said last week in a post to its website its vaccine and mask mandates would remain suspended for the fall semester, although it noted it may need to reinstate the requirements, should public health indicators change.