Canadian PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID a second time For the second time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tested positive for COVID-19, just days after meeting with US POTUS Joe Biden

by Paul Alexander

Trudeau is also boosted. Yet let us wager, this ding dong will come out telling you the vaccine protected him, and you should get your boosters too, and he will likely go on Paxlovid

The idiocy of these people, they know what they did with the lockdowns harmed people and caused deaths in Canada and US and UK etc., and school closures devastated children, they know that the COVID injection fails and is non-sterilizing, does not stop infection or transmission, they know mandates do not work and were a fraud, they know people lost jobs needlessly, suffered people needlessly, they know the shot is unsafe…they can see the data, they see people die post shot, they know all of this, but you MUST comply; there is something dark at play here…

But this may be fake too by him, he is known to pull these stunts for support, for fake support (did it with the truckers) when he is down in support. you know he is only in power due to sellouts by the opposition. otherwise, his govn would have fallen long ago.

Wishing him speedy recovery and all is well.

follow the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Canadian PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID a second time

The stupidity of this moron knows no bounds.