Candace Owens and POTUS Trump: This one interview told us how greatly POTUS Trump, well intended yet was misled on these fraud mRNA gene injections from Pfizer and Moderna; Owens was exacting

by Paul Alexander

I support Trump & this interview shows how much he bought the drivel and specious garbage that Fauci, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins fed him about the fraud vaccine for it is nothing as he says

His statements in this piece do not match what we have lived as to the response and the devastation from the vaccine. Yet I support him big time. In no way will I ever say that he had anything other than good intent and meant well to fix the fraud pandemic the MADMEN Fauci and Francis Collins et al. had delivered him. Yet he failed. Imagine his situation, responding to a pandemic in the midst of an election year while the people who are running your response are subverting and undercutting and hollowing you out from ‘inside the house’. No one has faced the filth he has faced yet we faced a devastating response and vaccine as a result of decisions he too made. My God, they fooled him so very much. They toppled him with lockdowns that devastated people. People will never forget this.

I want all responsible to be held to account in time and punished! There are poison pills coming and if this is shown to have been done for dark intent, then people must be jailed long and hard with hard labor. All linked to this. Too many innocent people died due to the lockdown lunacy and the fraud vaccine.

Let us be clear, the lockdowns and vaccine were the two greatest disasters in history in US (public health). I do not blame him for it, I fault his inability to fire those who did this to us and world. Bad people. Dark malfeasant people undercutting a sitting POTUS. Why did he not fire them? Deaths occurred due to their policies and actions, not the virus. I want one day for him to explain to us why. IMO, fundamentally a good man and lover of nation. Yet catastrophic mistakes were made. Trump has never understood how much he was damaged with the lockdowns that Fauci and Birx led or the vaccines that have failed and killed.

That said, January 2020 he was on pace to be among the, if not the greatest POTUS the US has ever had, all things considered and even with the first 2 years sabotaged and handicapped by Paul ‘Eunuch’ Ryan (Speaker). Trump must be judged really by his one 3rd year, not even the 4th that was ensconced with COVID response. In that manner, you really understand how much good he did in one complete year. Obama did not do in 8 years, what Trump did in one. Especially for African-Americans.

Up to January-March 2020, Trump was unstoppable electorally. No Republican or Democrat could have touched him. Then came the fraud pandemic and Fauci et al. wove their devastating magic.

There is lots I like you do not know, and we have to bear that in mind to. That said, the buck stops with a leader. he was the leader. I am hoping he fixes this fast. The nation and world is at an inflection point and we need answers, truth, for healing and to move forward and to ensure this wrong is never EVER repeated. No one, no matter who, is to be absolved if done wrong with this and people were hurt.


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