Cases and deaths South Africa, US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Japan...graphs to Jan 2nd, 2022 show us nations with massive and rapid vaccine roll-out have massive spikes; deaths down/flat

by Paul Alexander

These graphs I plotted in 'OurWorld in Data' as of Jan 2nd 2022, shows COVID is really over, Omicron is giving us the exit strategy to save face, and deaths are down; key is the vax drives spikes!!!

Where are the billions and trillions $ taken by our governments for PPE and hospitals? You asked us for 2 weeks and we gave 22 months…where is the money you took? did government officials steal the tax payer money? did congress people and senators in the US and ministers in Canada and MPs and in UK etc. steal money? Did they give bogus contracts to family and friends? How could these corrupted people even whisper that hospitals could be overwhelmed? Thats not my business or our concern…we gave you corrupted thieves 22 months. Where is the PPE money? How could hospitals not be prepared? What did you do for 22 months and the money?

Remember, it is not infections that are important and we have to debate the flawed over cycled tests etc., what is key is do these result in hospitalization or death…the data says NO! COVID IMO is over, omicron delivered the death nail…schools MUST not be closed and it is insane to mask children or test them over omicron, we do not mass test asymptomatic children, this is insanity, the CDC and NIH and governments are gone stark crazy insane. They are lunatics! All of government in this, all of them!

The key message I bring again is that the mass vaccination during an ongoing pandemic, across a population, while there is infectious pressure from circulating virus, as the immune response is mounting and building, then we are underestimating the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt to the pressures…it is sensing that immune response is sub-optimal for the antibodies do not hit the Delta or Omicron spike and also is mounting so not yet mature and complete…needs about 10-14 days to complete and so as you vaccinate with infectious pressure, there will be breakthrough as seeing in the US, Canada, UK etc. and population will get infected…our concern is that the intersection of massive infectious pressure from virus and sub-optimal mounting immature immune pressure drives natural selection to ‘select’ the most infectious ‘fittest’ variant from among emerging variants and the culling out of the lethal pathogenic variants…this is very catastrophic for infectious variants will go forward and not meet an evolutionary dead end, yet this keeps the pandemic ongoing, with novel variants emerging, could be a super variant (chimera, mixture of 2 viruses) and also a possibly lethal deadly variant…as I have mentioned prior, the vaccinal antibodies can also function to suppress the innate antibodies in the population and particularly those in children and young persons…these innate antibodies are there they come with and function to protect children from a range of pathogen…this is very potentially catastrophic and can kill children….

Bottom line: nations with aggressive vaccine programs have massive spikes; deaths are flat, little blip up in UK, but flat…shows Omicron infectious yet not lethal; critical is that nations like Japan, India used early treatment and prophylaxis HCQ and IVM etc. do not forget this. nations that did not use these such as US, UK, Canada as doctors are prohibited by threat of law and jail…as you see, the result is clear.

Be warned about above explanation. It is the mass vaccination that is driving variants and if we wish this to continue, we simply keep on vaccinating as we are.