Catastrophic COVID vaccine failures stem from moronic inept idiots at Pfizer & Moderna & CDC & NIH & PHAC etc. not grasping that vaccinating 'outside' versus 'inside' a pandemic is not the same thing

by Paul Alexander

The idiots fail to center potent 'viral-host' immune system ecosystem in any decisions; it's the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies exerting pressure on spike (receptor binding or N-terminal domain)

It is the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that do not neutralize the virus and thus we do not stop transmission. If you think vaccinating into a pandemic is the same as outside of a pandemic, then you have no clue what you are doing. The immune pressure on the virus and the infectious pressure on the population is not the same for either. These idiots at CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, PHAC, SAGE, Health Canada have shown us they have no idea, coupled to Moderna and Pfizer criminals like Bourla for IMO, they are.

If these very inept incompetent vaccine developers, and these fools at CDC and NIH and Health Canada and PHAC who gave the immune system ONE target to begin with, just one ‘spike’ target that doomed the roll out, at the gates, go and bring a second generation COVID vaccine e.g. a bivalent omicron and Wuhan spike vaccine, and only tinker with the spike and do not change any conserved sites e.g. the N-terminal domain, the nucleocapsid protein etc. , then these stupid idiots will cause several issues that will doom any second generation vaccine:

1)they will once again be vaccinating ‘into’ a pandemic with massive infectious pressure

2)will fail again to understand the potent role of the virus-host immune system interplay that is driving variants

3)fail to understand the devastating input of placing sub-optimal immune pressure on the target antigen that will result in variants AGAIN

4)by the time they bring the changed vaccine, new variants would be on deck and the vaccine would be worthless, like how the Wuhan spike vaccine antibodies are worthless to omicron spike virus today

Again, based on all we see, these vaccine developers and technocrats at CDC and NIH etc. are doing this deliberately, this pandemic will go on for 100 years and kill many many people.