CATASTROPHIC negative efficacy report: Public Health Scotland (PHS) weekly COVID report, table 24, page 38, is DEVASTATING, if we do not stop vaccinating with this non-sterilizing vaccine, DANGER!

by Paul Alexander

NEGATIVE Efficacy Public Health Scotland (PHS) weekly report mirrors Public Health UK weekly report I have been sharing

The data is clear, there must be no mandates for vaccine, no passports, none, it cannot be justified. It is not only an abuse of humanity and liberties, but there is no data to justify this…and especially as to OMICRON. The pandemic is OVER, it is DONE!

This is a pandemic of the VACCINATED, if we continue these vaccinations, not the unvaccinated as Biden et al. would say. They continue to spew garbage at the public. Lies! Dangerous lies!

PH Scotland:

Look at each of the last 4 weeks, what do you ? you see that the age-standardized case rates in the unvaccinated, yes the unvaccinated, are the lowest, week over week, relative to 1, 2, or booster 3rd dose. This is age-standardized normalized data, adjusted for age, which is even more robust than the PH UK below…yet the data is clear, in that the vaccinated are at much greater risk of infection; it is even so in UK where except for the age bands < 18 and 18-29, the vaccinated have greater infection risk. Focus on the grey rows (current week) but look at each dose and see across 4 weeks what is happening. The vaccinated is getting infected, harboring virus, and spreading too.

We have been saying (my colleague Geert Vanden Bossche and Robert Malone et al. and myself), if you MASS vaccinate into a pandemic like now, using a non-sterilizing vaccine as these (do not stop transmission), with massive infectious pressure from virus and immune pressure from mounting sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies, then natural selection will select for more infectious variants and could be more lethal ones that could overcome the immune pressure. We see it playing out now and it will get worse if we do not stop the vaccine, and devastating if we target children. For we will damage their functional healthy innate immune system. The virus responds to the pressure and the dynamics change, it must! It evolves and how do these policy making idiots not understand this? You are putting pressure on the spike with this non-sterilizing sub-optimal vaccine, and the virus (spike) is adapting, and the key deficit is that the vaccine is based on the initial Wuhan spike, not the current Omicron spike so how is good heavens can this vaccine work???? Who is running the ship?

PH UK week 3 (cases):

Any difference with deaths in the PH Scotland data?

No, in fact frightening, and you take a look and judge for yourself:

Hospitalization page 44:

The double vaccinated are in worse shape!!

Deaths page 50:

The double vaccinated are in worse shape!!

More to discuss but I wanted to give you a first blush, so much happening all at once! So much information!