Catastrophic SURVEILLANCE report Week 11, UK Public Health England, again shows NEGATIVE efficacy (vaccine promotes infection); elevated hospitalization & death in vaccinated (absolute); weeks 10-7

by Paul Alexander

I include earlier wks 7 to 10 for you to see how INNATE immune system (& the viral dynamics working with the infectious pressure & sub-optimal non-sterilizing) is impacting infection (vax and unvax)

First, reports are coming in now that the UK will follow Scotland and not give us the granular data we get weekly, starting in a couple of weeks. This is terrible for these reports by UK are instructive. This is a bad sign, means the data is showing something they do not want you to see and I think I captured it in my write up below…its this week 11 report, its now showing the vaccine is driving not just more infection, but damaging the innate and adaptive immune systems.

Bottom line, it appears that the INNATE immune system (innate antibodies (Abs) are playing a potent beneficial role in reducing infection in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. As such, we must STOP the vaccine program entirely and NOW and not in our children. Leave children alone as the vaccine has failed (highly ineffective) and is not properly safe but we will damage their INNATE immune system that has and can handle this and most viruses. Has always.

But if we look at weeks 11 and compare its infections to week 10, I am seeing something that is a concern in the vaccinated. While we do see a clear trend of decline in infection across prior weeks in both the vax and unvaxxed, we see a sudden increase in week 11 for both groups. Please focus on 2nd column from the left and what we see is again, while there was a clear trend in decline across the prior weeks in terms of infection in vax and unvaxxed, we are seeing in this week (week 11) that the infections are increasing in the vaccinated with 3rd dose. Is this an increase that will be stable and be seen across coming weeks? This is alarming if so and catastrophic for it may well be that there is not only resistance to the vaccinal Abs that set free the INNATE Abs to regain their functional capacity to eliminate/sterilize the virus, but it may be that the OMICRON is now gaining resistance to the INNATE Abs. This is a nightmare situation to a virologist if I am reading the data correctly. We may have vaccinated too long using a non-sterilizing vaccine that not only drives natural selection to select fittest variants for the future, but we are damaging the INNATE immune system. Our innate immunity is under attack now.

In terms of the unvaccinated, Geert VB has explained eloquently that the innate Abs are benefitting from ‘training’ given repeated exposure and infection (as the virus is circulating constantly). This infectious pressure drives training and as such the innate Abs are better able to handle the virus as now, they are not as easily outcompeted by the vaccinal Abs (more specific). The innate Abs when trained, develop more specificity and affinity for the antigen. This can help explain the reducing infections across time in the unvaccinated. Again, we see that there is a rise in infections in week 11 across age groups (over the prior weeks) which is a stunning and dangerous development and this could likely be due to devastating damage to the innate Abs/immune system. Both the innate and acquired immunity are being damaged by the vaccine.

I ask immunologists and virologists out there to comment and tell me if I am seeing that data correctly. My interpretation as I am trying to make sense of the UK data. If this is so and this trend continues for the next couple of weeks in UK granular data, we may be witnessing a devastating turn of events where we have damaged the natural INNATE (the first and min line of defense) and this is catastrophic for natural immunity which needs INNATE to FIRST blunt (calm down/temper) the viral load coming at it. This can also drive a very infectious variant and lethal one and can devastate humanity. The vaccines must be stopped NOW! This vaccine will keep the pandemic ongoing with deadly consequences for us all and our children. I am hoping that government officials and policy decision makers are monitoring this UK data for this is maybe a water-shed moment in what we have done with these ineffective and unsafe vaccines.

We are also damaging the natural adaptive acquired immune system (Nucleocapsid protein as per UK data etc.). With this vaccine, we are doing devastating things to our immune systems as per Ryan Cole (e.g. increased cancers due to the decline/subversion in the T-cell role e.g. CD 8+ role in warding off cancers and viruses). Critically, we must not bring an OMICRON-specific vaccine as this will damage the good outcomes we are seeing due to the resistance of omicron spike variant to the mRNA-induced vaccinal Abs from the initial legacy Wuhan strain.

This resistance as per GVB, is setting ‘free’ the innate Abs to regain their functional capacity to sterilize the virus and eliminate it, thus reducing infection and deaths. The innate Abs were outcompeted by the vaccinal Abs for the spike antigen, given the vaccinal Abs are highly specific and high affinity for the antigen (vs the innate Abs that are potent but more broad and of lower affinity for the antigen/spike/receptor binding domain on the spike (RBD)).

Again, a lot of my thinking is influenced by sage from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche so I must credit him as well as Yeadon, McCullough, Risch, Malone, Tenenbaum, Ryan Cole, Roger Hodkinson, Mark Trossi, Steve Pelech, Byram Bridle, and Marc Girardot

Week 11:


Week 11:


We see that 87% (about 5,120) of ER/hospitalizations is happening in the vaccinated >18; this was the same trend we saw for weeks 10, 9, 8 etc. Again, we see markedly greater hospitalizations over 50 years of age and for the 2 and 3rd dose but very prominent for the 3rd dose.

Week 11:

Deaths 28 and 60 days post shots

Table 12. COVID-19 deaths (a) within 28 days and (b) within 60 days of positive specimen or with COVID-19 reported on death certificate, by vaccination status between week 7 2022 and week 10 2022

a. We see 90% of deaths occurring (28 and 60 days) in those who are older (> 50) and for 2nd and 3rd shots and prominently, for the 3rd shot.

60 days


This catastrophic UK weekly report comes on the heels of the now recently published NEJM study showing that the 4th dose is not needed. The vaccine has failed but the UK (and Scottish) data above shows us how badly this vaccine is failing, for it is not that it does not drive Abs for the 4th, but is is actually driving infection, hospitalization, and death in the vaccinated, over the unvaccinated. This NEJM study focused on immunogenicity and not proper patient important outcomes like efficacy, hospitalization, and death.

NEJM study:

 Efficacy of a Fourth Dose of Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine against Omicron

Regev-Yochay et al. in Israel

Results suggest that maximal immunogenicity of mRNA vaccines is achieved after three doses. More specifically, researchers ‘observed low vaccine efficacy against infections in health care workers, as well as relatively high viral loads suggesting that those who were infected were infectious. Thus, a fourth vaccination of healthy young health care workers may have only marginal benefits’. 

What about week 10 infections in UK due to the vaccine?

Week 10:


Week 9:


Week 8:


Week 7: