Catastrophic UK COVID-vaccine data week 7, 17th Feb, COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 6 10 February 2022, COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 5 3 February 2022

by Paul Alexander

These 3 UK reports presented in date/week order paints a sobering picture in that the vaccinated and in this case the triple vaccinated is massively infected.

UK COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 7 17 February 2022

Week 7


What does it show in the 2nd (3 doses) and 3rd columns? It shows that except for the younger <18, the infection risk is significantly higher across all age-bands 18 and over. This indicates a stable trend in the UK, Scottish, Israeli data etc. that the vaccine is causing the vaccinated to become highly infected, to become more sick, and to be hospitalized and even die. There is clear Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) or as I prefer to call it ‘Mortal Antigenic Sin’ (MAS) as well as antibody-mediated viral enhancement.

We again question why no data now on 1 and 2 doses. But this is still ok for Scotland is now saying it will stop this granular reporting altogether.

The 3rd column of the unvaccinated can be explained by the lower rates in older age group bands due to innate Ab ‘training’ that leaves them better able to compete with the vaccinal Abs.

The 3rd column of unvaccinated appears to be decreasing across time e.g. week 5 to week 6 to week 7…why? could it be due to more time and thus more time for the unvaccinated to be exposed, become infected, clear and recover and is now naturally immune? Moreover, unvaccinated but constantly exposed, almost boosting their natural immunity and thus in a much better position to ward off new infection. Is this the reason to explain the declining rates of infection in the unvaccinated across time, thus this concept of ‘innate Ab training’ with exposure, and thus likely increased affinity for the antigen?? GVB reminds us that the innate Ab is low affinity for the antigen yet high potency, but broad, non-specific. So maybe the innate Ab in training across time is developing affinity for the antigen and thus more able to neutralize the virus??? Remember, we are in the midst of a pandemic so virus (OMICRON) is circulating. Does this mean that nations that do not vaccinate at high levels and as aggressively, may have reduced infection among the unvaccinated?

If we looked at COVID-19 deaths (a) within 28 days and (b) within 60 days of positive specimen or with COVID-19 reported on death certificate, by vaccination status between week 3 2022 and week 6 2022


28 days, we see 86% occurring in the vaccinated (1, 2, 3 doses):

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 6 10 February 2022

Week 6:

Table 13. Unadjusted rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation and death in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. Please note that the following table should be read in conjunction with pages 36 to 39 of this report, and the footnotes provided on page 44.

Again we see infection in the vaccinated being far greater in the vaccinated group with at least 3 doses (2nd and 3rd column).


COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 5 3 February 2022

Week 5