Catastrophic UK Public health England PHE Week 13 COVID-19 surveillance weekly report; compared to earlier weeks 4-12; note, these reports are too damming so are being stopped

by Paul Alexander

In all age bands, for both VACCINATED and UNVACCINATED, we see the infection rates escalated and dramatically; we saw this in weeks 11 and 12 and I reported this and IMP damaged INNATE immunity

The injections are causing vaccine hesitancy and before Fauci talks about possible COVID restrictions, he and the govn must answer as to where all the billions in PPE money went. Who stole it for we should have no hospital stress, no ‘overwhelm’ or lockdowns. IMO lots of the PPE money was stolen and we will come to learn that too.

I just gave a speech in North Carolina, Charlotte (at 9 am EST) to the US truckers and residents and we are now rolling to Tennessee, will get there by 7 pm EST tonight. Making our way to California for Defeat the Mandates April 10th, and helped by The UNITY Project (Hanson). I will be speaking at the Cali rally with Malone et al. The convoy is already credited with a win as forced 2 bills of the 10 in Cali to be put in abeyance…not withdrawn as I understand but lets see.

The People’s Trucker Convoy should be composed of the vaccinated who should be travelling to all state capitals to argue how come they took the vaccine and are now infected and sick and dying. Not the unvaccinated. The vaccinated are at serious risk. Someone has to answer for this and at the polls. We punish them financially and at the polls and if they costed lives, if if it shown in legal courts of law, then we jail many who did this. We start examining Francis Collins, Fauci, and Bourla and Bancel of Pfizer and Moderna. Let them defend their decisions, lets see the ‘real’ data.

In my opinion, we are seeing antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), pathogenic priming, and original antigenic sin (OAS) that I have renamed mortal antigenic sin (MAS) given the prejudice and bias to the immune response is lifelong to that pathogen or similar. The injections have now become the worst nightmare, as there is dramatic escalation in infection from weeks 11, 12 and now 13 in the UK data and this trend is stable and increasing, across both vaccinated and unvaccinated. I have learnt from Geert Vanden Bossche and my understanding is this is linked direct to damage to the INNATE for we were seeing a decreasing trend across time prior to week 11. We see this dramatic rise rather young or older and while some may argue it could be due to resistance of OMICRON and this viral immune escape as the vaccinal antibodies do not hot the OMI spike, I argue that this is damaged natural innate, even damage naturally acquired-adaptive immunity.

I am open to your views and please share for our learning and enrichment. This is an ominous sign and again, demands these sub-optimal non-neutralizing injections be stopped immediately. Do NOT use these COVID injections in your children as we will destroy their natural INNATE immunity’s functional capacity to sterilize the virus. These vaccines or injections have failed, are not effective and are not properly safe. Canada, US, UK, Australia etc. must allow their officials to study this UK data with the Scottish data. Do not react to increasing infection with increased vaccine e.g. 4th dose. This is catastrophic, it is the injection that is causing the rise in ADE infection and we are seeing escalation in ADE hospitalization and death. And yes, this is not a vaccine, it is not, it is a gene platform and best described as an inoculation. Bottom line is Pfizer and Moderna gave us a death shot. The pandemic will never end if the injections continue and I believe the CDC, NIH, administration, vaccine developers know this. Fauci and Francis Collins knew this.

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 13 31 March 2022

Week 13


ER visits/hospitalization:

Once again we see that the vaccinated 1, 2, 3 doses account for at least 80% of the severe illness and hospitalization. Same seen with deaths.

Compared to weeks 4-12 for infection:

Week 12 infections

Week 11 infections

Week 10 infections

Week 9 infections

Week 8 infections

Week 7 infections

Week 6 infections

Week 5 infection

Week 4 infections